Our forest is our treasure. The forest protects, preserves, comforts and gives strength. Each tree in the forest has its own story. Silently admits to changing without being able to run away from the dangers. The West Tree brand brings us back to the roots. Our ancestors felled the trees while respecting each tree and taking advantage of all parts of one tree. You could appreciate and be grateful to the tree.

If you live in the countryside, you need trees for heating, and spruce baby pots are made from the most beautiful place in the firewood, so that you can have a nest for a small spruce baby before it gives warmth. The spruce baby is selected from a spruce plantation that grows spruce for the forest. Out of 200 seedlings, the most beautiful is chosen to make people happy at Christmas, and after Christmas he would return to his birthplace or stay in a foster family. In the spring, a spruce baby is already a big boy to take his first steps into the world and wants to go to the forest, the garden to breathe the fresh Estonian air.


2016 In December, Kätlin Rohilaid-Aljaste travelled to Great Britain for New Year’s Eve.

Pot pots have long been in vogue in England at Christmas. This thought made me wonder why we should cut the spruce for 3-4 weeks. Began to press. Didn’t like the plastic pot.

2017 January Kätlin Rohilaid-Aljaste shared her thoughts with her father Aivar Rohilaid.

Kätlinin’s father Aivar supported the idea and thought that it could be done in Estonia as well.

2017 In May, she told to his neighbor Robi Kuusk that she thought of the idea.

Robi said it’s great and let’s do it. Robi Kuusk is the largest grower of spruce seedlings in Lääne County in Estonia. The question remained in the air – in which stump.

2017 In June, waking up one beautiful summer day morning – Kätlin looked at the forest and the answer was clear.

Of course a pack of wood that acts as a stump. 100% natural. It comes from nature and goes to nature. Does not leave any footprints. The land is still heated by trees, but the more beautiful parts can be left to offer.

Kätlin immediately ran to Rob and announced, I know what’s the stump solution have to be! Package! Can you do it Robi Kuusk, of course – I learned to be a furniture carpenter, so it’s easy.

2017 September Kätlin and Robi start developing the stump.

Robi makes the stump that is ideal for a spruce plant and develops a mixture that fits the spruce plant to ensure an ideal product.

17.11.2017 the West Tree Facebook page is born.

20.11.2017 West Tree OÜ is registered.

05.12.2017 West Tree got its logo. Logo design by Ljubov Vaalma.

29.12.2017 spruce baby in Asuküla school.

29.04.2018 planting a first year spruce baby.

On November 30, 2018, we announced our Kuusebeb product via Facebook, and without any marketing budget, we reached 139,000 people with over 500 comments included.

02.12.2018 we created a spruce baby rental service.

It is noteworthy that without any marketing budget, we reached over 100,000 people with this post, and 600 people marked our post with emotion.

11.12.2018 spruce baby in Hannes Võrno 33 TV show.

16.12.2018 spruce baby in Tartu different rooms club.

18.12.2018 West Tree spruce baby in Vikerraadio, Estonia.

19.12.2018 spruce baby in retro FM.

17.01.2019 spruce babies at the exhibition of the Estonian National Library.

11.05.2019 Maaleht came to see the growth of spruce babies.

18.05.2019 spruce baby at MELT Innovation Forum.

14.09.2019 Season Winter 2019/2020 first ordered spruce baby.

08.10.2019 Spruce Baby was presented as the best Läänemaa products in 2019. It was in second place.

21.11.19 350 spruce babies were sent and ordered to Austria.

13.12.2019 in radio Elmar.

2019 December West Tree launches their own Christmas Decorations & Ornaments.

The inspiration for spruce jewellery has come from jewellery that was in use in Estonia more than 100 years ago.

24.01.2020 Spruce Babies at the “World Cleanup Day” Forum.

On March 24, 2020, the West Tree sales channel and website were created with spruce baby product images.

Under the guidance of creative director Kristjan Jõgiste, the digital agency BluCloud Group OÜ created a sales channel and a website for West Tree OÜ with spruce baby product images, which can be used to sell and rent products directly from the web both in Estonia and around the world.

2020 March handmade jewelry brand Katta Grüner is launched.

Cover Grüner jewellery is made 100% by hand in Estonia. The main material is wood. The earrings are lightweight and each pair is sold in one pair. Inspiration has come from Estonian nature, the nature of Estonian women and world trends. Wood and metal have powerful energy, to which is added a woman’s own strength.

West Tree is an Estonian company of two families in a small village in Lääne County, located between the forests on three sides surrounded by the sea. The roots of these two families have been in the village for over 100 years.

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