- Choose suitable weather for planting in spring (when the night frosts start to pass);
- Choose a place that suits you, either garden or forest;
- Make a right hole with a shovel to fit the root well (the depth could be 5 cm deeper than the soil boundary);
- Carefully remove the spruce baby from the supply;
- Put the lower branches in the soil;
- When planting nicely press the soil closed, the spruce baby must be straight;
- Water after planting;
- Remaining pack, use for other plants, put in the fireplace or leave the forest. Leaving the forest over time decays and gives life to insect-worms;
- Cared for in the summer, take less grass if growing too much around a spruce baby;

Your baby baby will thank you for the life you gave him. :)

Video of planting our first year's spruce baby: VIEW FROM HERE


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